How to Write a Book Review: A Short Guide

If you do not know what is a book review, a talented journalist, Luisa Plaja, suggests her useful tips that should help everyone write a professional book review on the latest book he/she has read. If you are an amateur, who does not know how to write a book review, just follow her manual!

You need to understand that writing a professional book review; you help other readers understand if the book is worth reading. However, at the same time, it should not be a dry recommendation. A good book review discusses the key advantages and disadvantages of the book, as well as the hidden sense of the author`s messages. No matter if you like the book or not, your review should be honest and detailed so that the audience could receive the emotional pleasure when reading it.

  1. Start your book review with writing a few sentences describing the plot. Try to avoid spoilers or detailed analysis of the certain scenes. If the book is a part of series, make sure to mention if it is related to the other books in this collection or it is a separate element.
  2. Discuss the book's obvious advantages. Tell what you've liked about this book? Did you enjoy reading it? Is the writer`s language clear? In this part, consider answering the following questions:
    • Did the book bring you the emotional pleasure?
    • What is your favorite character?
    • Is the end of the story predictable?
    • What scenes of the book are particularly interesting?
  3. Mention the main book`s disadvantages if there are any.
    • Are there some confusing scenes?
    • Was the story too scary, boring, weird, etc.?
  4. Summarize your thoughts. Give the book the brief evaluation summarizing the key ideas discussed previously. If the book should be recommended to the specific category of people, tell about it. For instance, if you believe that the book should be recommended to all horror fans, recommend it to them.
  5. Rate the book. Imagine that you are a real book critic and put the mark that the book deserves.

So How to Write a Book Review?

Searching “how to write a book review” on the web, you can see that there are many interesting book review examples available online. Read them and learn how a professional book review should look like. Indeed, professional book reviews require maximum attention and dedication. The author should not only describe the plot of the book but also present the in-depth analysis of its key topics. We assure you that by writing a professional book review essay, you will be able to impress your professor and improve your academic reputation.

To summarize, book review writing of different genres of books (science fiction, history, art, health, travel etc.) have different features, but all of them have the same purpose – to inform the audience about the key peculiarities of the specific book. Talk to your audience, amuse it, and have fun, and we assure you that the result will be incredible.